Rediscover the flavors of your Grandmother’s kitchen with GreenDumbells Organics. Our wood-pressed mustard oil, wood-pressed coconut, and groundnut oils, along with pure haldi, jaggery, and moringa powders, are crafted with traditional methods for authentic taste and wholesome goodness.

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While we offer numerous reasons to choose Greendumbells Organics, we invite you to experience our commitment to quality firsthand. Your valuable feedback, shared through a review, empowers us to continuously improve and deliver exceptional products.

100 % Pure & Natural

Use of Grade-1 Products

No artificial Additives and preservatives added

UnRefined & Hygienic Extraction

Supports Rural Empowerment

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Unlock Nature's Superfood Powerhouse: Moringa Powder

Rich in immune-supporting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
Naturally derived, Sustainable choice, and very much affordable.
Help, prevent and treat chronic diseases like inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

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Coconut Oil

GreenDumbells Organics Coconut Oil is a wood pressed coconut oil that is naturally cholesterol free and sulphur free Oil.

Jaggery Powder

GreenDumbells Organics Jaggery Powder is an unrefined sweetener made from High Quality sugarcane.

Peanut Oil

GreenDumbells Organics Peanut Oil is a type of peanut oil that is naturally cholesterol free and have a rich aroma and flavor.

Turmeric Powder

GreenDumbells Organics turmeric powder is sourced from Kandhamal Hills, India and is promoted as unprocessed, chemical-free.

Mustard Oil

GreenDumbells Organics offers cold-pressed, unrefined mustard oil made with A1 grade seeds and Quality Process.

Moringa Powder

Moringa powder is a nutrient-rich powder made from dried moringa leaves. It's a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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GreenDumbells Organics Peanut Oil - 1 L

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GreenDumbells Organics Peanut Oil - 500 ML

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GreenDumbells Organics Jaggery Powder- 500 GM

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GreenDumbells Organics Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil - 500 mL

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GreenDumbells Moringa Powder - 200GM

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GreenDumbells Organics Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil - 1 L

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See What Our Customers Say

"Bought this brand for the first time, Now it's been more than 1 month using this mustard oil. It has pure good taste while cooking and also if you love massage then it works great in your body skin. For me, it's a Value for money and I will buy again."


"It's really best quality wise, I have used a lot of brands but compared to those it's really good quality and affordable, helped really in dieting...... Rather than taking fake ones take this one.... It's 100% natural and organic with no preservatives also really beneficial for health"

Sakshi barnwal

"This oil was recommending to me by a friend . After using it i realized not only it was a natural healthy oil thay can used in cooking it's purity helped a lot in reducing me headaches as it was very beneficial for oiling my hairs as well. I would definitely recommend this oil for people who are searching for chemical free products"

Om Upadhyay

My review of Green Dumbells Organics food products... Green Dumbells kachi ghani mustard oil astonished me . I was amazed to see so pure, clean , fresh , light , non sticky mustard oil from Odisha. It’s odour is so pleasant. While cooking , I saw no smoke in it. The curries prepared in it are tasty . It is perfect oil for making achar also . Stuffed Parathas made with this oil are delicious. I am enjoying using this product. I feel so healthy eating dishes made with this oil. I fully recommend it to everyone.

Meenakshi Srivastava

Review of Green Dumbells organics coconut oil I used the coconut oil as a hair oil as well as cooking oil. The oil is completely pure & feels very light, I was delighted to use it. I also apply it on my skin occasionally. It's healthy & good to use.

Avaneesh Srivastava

All products are really awesome .. specially Jaggery one is going to be the must buy thing for me as it has got liked by most of my family members. I am going to order it after finishing. I would like to try other products as well . Really and genuinely I felt you are doing best . These products needs to be sold out of Odisha as people will know the taste of originals.

Sushree Priyadarshini

What's special about our haldi powder

GreenDumbells Organics Haldi powder, or turmeric, is a golden spice with both culinary and medicinal uses. It boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it a beneficial addition to food and traditional remedies.

Naturally Grown

Naturally Grown in its original growing conditions and traditional practices which gives specific quality standards.

Sun Dried

Sun dried to preserve all its nutrients and add additional nutritional benefits to it before grounding.


Cleaned and washed properly making sure no dirt or other unwanted particles stay behind which also makes it a perfect fit for your skin.

Made By Local Farmers

Made by local farmers which sustains many small-scale farmers, weaving a tapestry of economic prosperity through rural communities.

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